Hydroponic Kale

Indoor hydroponics is not as easy undertaking and is not for the faint of heart.  It takes time and you will fail at some point and lose something that you spent a lot of time helping through life.  I recently moved back to Colorado and in doing so, am back in an environment that freezes and has snow during the winter months. No surprise to this awesome fact. I do love to snowboard, ski and enjoy making a snow-men and snow-women with my kids.  We have established that it gets cold here so that brings us to the indoor hydroponic garden and my baby kale that I started using heirloom seeds in rockwool grow cubes.  They are doing awesome and I moved them into bubble buckets and have them growing in the basement.  They are growing faster each day as their leaf surface area increases and the roots drive further into the buckets.  The kale I am growing will be used for juicing and cooking.  I am 100% organic in the nutrients and I use reverse-osmosis water for all the water used in the garden.  I am happy to share that the garden is doing well.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Cute Hydroponic Kale


Hydroponic kale grown in a bubble bucket


Up Close hydroponic kale picture


Indoor Hydroponic Kale - My hydroponic garden


More to come on these hydroponic kale plants. If you have grown or are growing hydroponic kale, send me your tricks or secrets for super awesome kale!
Thank you!

Hemp prevents Staph Infections, Really?

Culture of s Staph InfectionRampant staph infections continue to cost lives unnecessarily.  One powerful weapon to fight this scourge is being successfully deployed by China’s military: industrial hemp.  Staph is spread by direct contact and by touching items that are contaminated such as towels, sheets, privacy curtains, and clothing.  As noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, “It is estimated that each year 2 million Americans become infected during hospital stays, and at least 90,000 of them die.  MRSA (an antibiotic resistant strain of staph) is a leading cause of hospital-borne infections.”  One of the most important recent discoveries is hemp’s ability to kill surface bacteria, while cotton, polyester, and polyethelyne allow it to remain on their surfaces for up to months at a time.

Unknown to many, hemp fabrics exist in today’s market that can replace each of these transmission prone hospital items.  Technological improvements for hemp textile development began in the early 90s when EnviroTextile’s lead textile engineer, Barbara Filippone, began working with hemp in China.  To date, the company has over 100 hemp and hemp blended fabrics available to suit any traditional fabric application.  In addition to staph resistance, other tests show hemp fabrics superior resistance to UV and infrared wavelengths, providing multiple applications for military use.

Hemp fabric was tested against two bacteria strains, Staphylococcus Aureus (staph) and Klebsiella Pneumoniae (pneumonia).  The fabric tested was a hemp blend, 60% hemp and 40% rayon.  The staph test sample was already 98.5% bacteria free during the first measurement of the testing, while the pneumonia fabric sample was 65.1% bacteria free.  These results, even prior to the tests completion, clearly display the fabrics unique capability at killing bacteria and reducing their spread.  This is especially imperative for healthcare facilities.

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Drone with full time fisheye view – 1.8gigapixel

Drone with suspected ARGUS test pod being tested over the USA1 million terrabytes a day, guess the new CIA datacenters will be storing your and my day to day activity so they can catch the criminals that did something last week. Truly amazing and scary technology depending on where the data is gathered, who has access, and ultimately how it is being used. LiveLeak.com turned me on to this story with this teaser:

1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World’s highest resolution video surviellience platform by DARPA
Interesting…, wait… 1.8GP… Anyway… On we go into the darkest shadow weapons the USA has to offer

The ARGUS array is made up of several cameras and other types of imaging systems. The output of the imaging system is used to create extremely large, 1.8GP high-resolution mosaic images and video.

The U.S. Army, along with Boeing, has developed and is preparing to deploy a new unmanned aircraft called the “Hummingbird.” It’s is a VTOL-UAS (vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial system). Three of them are being deployed to Afghanistan for a full year to survey and spy on Afghanistan from an altitude of 20,000 feet with the ability to scan 25 square miles of ground surface.

Unarmed Public + Armed Goverment = Slavery?

Is an unarmed public being controlled by an armed government really just a form of slavery? History has shown that governments disarm people in order to maintain power and control.

This is a interesting and powerful video on historic facts and reasons why you should support the 2nd amendment and the rights of the people of this great country!.

You think mass killings of political dissidents couldn’t happen in the United States? Think again.

The 2nd amendment was created so that you as a person can defend yourself from many, many monopolies in life…
Here is another video about what the 2nd amendment is for.

Real Crime Statistics

Nobody is talking about the real crime statistics. Nobody is taking credit for crime going down, rather they are demonizing weapons…. This video is a must watch if you want to argue for or against guns as the reason people are being killed…

This guy clearly knows what he is talking about…Less guns does not mean less violent crime

Gun Control, Get your statistics right CNN

CNN’s Piers Morgan (and my father) keep quoting the UK as having “incredible low” murder by gun rates. This is correct, The uk banned guns about 15 years ago but that has created a surge in crime and they are hardly safer than we are in the United States…
Watch this reporter find fault with Piers Morgan and teach us all a thing about crime statistics.

To defend or not to defend, Is that the question?

When is it time for the people of the United States to defend themselves? The 2nd amendment affords you the ability to protect yourself from criminals and thugs that would otherwise waste no pity on your suffering as they kill you, rob you, or maybe rape your daughter. Watch video one for this approach…

But is that all the people of the United States have to fear or the only reason for the 2nd amendment? This next video is a much watch as government corruption took over in small town and the citizens of the town saved the day.

But what if the people that you could have saved by having a gun were your parents? Don’t forget to watch this video on the 2nd amendment.

Do we lock all the guns up in jail so that no one can use a gun? Are knifes next? Then “sharp objects”? There will always be the motivated predator waiting for there next victim. How is taking away forms of protection that the law abiding citizens have going to make the “motivated predator” not kill?

Whatever your reason for liking or not liking guns… I don’t care…  We need to stop the killing using any weapon… guns are just a tool, like a hammer.

In 2011, 496 people were murdered with a hammer or a blunt object compare to just 323 murders that were committed with a rifle. Blunt objects also beat out the number of murders committed with a shotgun (356).

Personal weapons (hands, feet) and knives were also considered more dangerous than rifles and shotguns.

Death by what? 2011 crime statistics

The problem is a societal issue that no law will protect you from.  We are in this together and need to stand together to discuss the real issues.  Anything can be used to kill you and we can not make everything illegal.

I am off to sue the soda company for making me fat if we really think more laws should or would make us better people…



Concealed carry woman stops shooter in no gun zone

An armed woman in San Antonio shot a shooter in a movie theater before he could carry out his planned execution of a girlfriend who recently dumped him. Apparently only two people were wounded by the shooter before the shooter was shot, disarmed, and handcuffed.

This has is an important news story that I have not seen widely discussed in the popular news media. The major reason the news media is not interested is probably because an armed off-duty sheriff deputy shot the shooter using her concealed weapon in a movie theater that was a “gun free zone.” No “assault weapon” was involved. It is embarrassing to the Left that an armed citizen probably prevented one or more murders by shooting the madman.

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 a man entered a movie theater in San Antonio, Texas for the sole purpose of killing his ex-girlfriend, because she had broke up with him. The gunman, 19 year old Jesus Manuel Garcia, apparently did not complete his task. He opened fire in the theater which caused mass panic. People were running for cover and rushing towards exits, according to police and witnesses.

At least two people were wounded in the shooting.

So why was there not widespread news footage covering this event? The shooter was stopped. The Santikos Mayan Palace 14 Movie Theater also houses a small restaurant. The shooting began in the restaurant and as people went for cover, Garcia began to fire outside at an unmarked police car. He then moved to the theater where off duty Bexar County Sheriff Officer, Sgt. Lisa Castellano, who was working the theater, chased Garcia to the back of the theater and cornered him in the men’s room, shooting him several times and taking his gun.

Detective Louis Antu, spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, said, “She took all appropriate action to keep everyone safe in the movie theater.”

Armed Citizens defending themselves and others does not fit Obama’s agenda of progressively disarming the American people. Obama said on Sunday when he spoke on NBC “Meet the Press,”

“I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools,” Obama said. “And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem.”

President Obama is surrounded by dozens, and often hundreds, of heavily armed people. Many are armed with fully automatic weapons. If Obama thinks armed people in schools would not protect students, why does Obama not write an Executive Order to decrease the number of guns protecting the President of the United States? Obama is not about to declare the White House and the President of the United States to be “gun free zones” because Obama is fully aware of the value of armed protection.

Obama wants to be protected with guns. This protection is logical and indicated. Accordingly, school children and the American people should also be entitled to armed protection

School Gun Safety

School gun safetyAll of the craziness in this world and so many good people that had their life’s cut short for no good reason.  My heart is with the everyone touched by this horrible event. Tragedies like today’s remind me that schools are “weapon” free zones and thus, no law abiding citizen could help “legally” have had a weapon to defend these children and getting one from their car would have made them a criminal as well.  This means that we are at the mercy of someone calling and then the police response times. School gun safety is an important piece of our children’s education but must be approached with the right message.  Attacking the second amendment on something like this should remind us that criminals look for easy targets and the sign we hang in front of our child’s school must represent what built this great nation.
School Gun Safety is not an easy topic to address at all but I would love your two cents on the school gun safety picture seen here….


Hemp, The forgotten ballot issue

With everyone talking about Medical marijuana and marijuana for recreational use the REAL issue has been overlooked, HEMP. Residents of Washington, Oregon and Colorado will be voting on whether to let farmers grow marijuana’s far less potent cousin — hemp — for clothing, food, biofuel and construction materials among other uses.

But don’t expect farmers to start growing it the next day. The passage of the measures would create the familiar clash with federal law, which prohibits growing the plant for industrial, recreational or medicinal purposes. Federal Law makes marijuana/hemp (cannabis in general) a schedule 1 narcotic and thus is “very against the law and would paint a target on the farmer. It has been said that thirty countries produce industrial hemp, including Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine and yet our government considers hemp and marijuana to be the same thing. Interesting isn’t it. Hemp may not be the answer to every problem we have created in this world but it is sustainable and could provide your family food, fuel and fiber for clothing etc… or maybe THAT is the problem, it could provide your family with food, fuel and clothing… so everything you need…
What an awesome plant, Hemp…

Hemp will become legal to grow in at least one state and federal law will again have to be challenged in order for the people of the USA to benefit from growing this plant again

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