FCC amateur callsign system-callsign database

Call Sign Systems

A unique call sign is assigned to each amateur station during the processing of its license applications. Each new call sign is assigned sequentially using the sequential call sign system, which is based on the alphabetized regional-group list for the licensee’s operator class and mailing address. The station is reassigned its same call sign upon renewal or modification of its license, unless the licensee applies for a change to a new sequentially assigned or vanity call sign on FCC Form 605.
The vanity call sign system offers you the opportunity to request a specific call sign for your primary station and for your club station. A vanity call sign is selected by the FCC from a list of call signs requested by the station licensee or license trustee.
When transmitting in conjunction with an event of special significance, an amateur station may transmit the identification announcement using a special event call sign. Substituting a special event call sign may help call attention “on-air” to a station’s participation in the special event and to the unique opportunity for the amateur service community to exchange greetings with the station.

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