IFR 1200 hints

General Setup and IFR Information.

All of this information pertains to the IFR 1200 FM/AM communications service monitor. Although some of it crosses over into other devices I make no promises. These notes were intended for me, but are provided as a community service to you 🙂

General setup tasks of an IFR 1200

Common IFR tasks: 


More random information on the Instrument flight research service monitors.
Note that there is no actual unit called the (whatever model-number)S/A, it’s an abbreviation. The one manual would be for both the S-model and the A-model. The A-model does not have the spectrum analyzer and tracking generator options, the S-model does.

A lot of older IFRs use blue fiberglass circuit boards. These boards are VERY fragile. You must do ANY necessary soldering with great care and quickly to avoid overheating the board. Also, may old IFRs are having power supply problems. If anyone would like to do an article on troubleshooting and repair we’d be happy to put it here. Likewise an article on attenuator repair, oscilloscope tube replacement, or on any other IFR-related topic.

Most of the IFR products used the same option list:

option 1 0.2 PPM TCXO
option 2 0.05 PPM high stability TCXO (using an oven)
option 4 Battery option (label the front of your unit with the battery change date and change it every three years)
option 5 Gen amp 30 db amplifier
option 6 Microphone
option 7 Telescoping Antenna
option 9 Soft padded carrying case
option 10 DVM and DTMF Decoder
option 11 European encode-decode (translation: 5-tone and 6-tone paging tones)
option 12 Tracking Generator for Spec Anal (you REALLY need this for tuning duplexers)
option 13 GPIB Operation (also known as HP-IB or IEEE-488)
option 14 Trunking
option 15 Cellular AMPS
option 16 Cellular ETACS

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  1. You can use a regency microphone with the IFR 1200 series. Did you ever solve the checksum error on your IFR 1200, if so, what was wrong?

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