General Setup and Information

General Setup and IFR Information
Pertains to a IFR FM/AM–1200

Picture of IFR FM/AM–1200SIFR 1200 fm/am

  • Turn on power — Make sure “lock” light is on
  • Depress “RF” button to place in RF mode.
  • Use Keypad to enter frequency you will be using


A. “2nd Function” button lets you use blue functions over keypads
B. “2nd Function” + “meter” button will turn on the digital meter
      a. M.D. stands for maximum deviation
      b. F.E. stands for Frequency Error.
C. “Meter” knob shares function between modulation and power
D. “Frequency Error” knob, when set to 1k, means there is one k between the left of scale and the 0 (center) of the scale, and 1k between the 0 (center) and the right side of scale.

ifr 1200 fm am service

4 thoughts on “General Setup and Information”

  1. Not sure if I’m on the correct area,
    Did you get the scope fixed on the 1200. I have the a similar problem .. No Scope. Any clues and assistance would be most welcome.. VK3XG.

    1. Hydro Garden Guy

      Have been distracted by other things in life and have not been able to fix the scope yet. Really bummed about this as I love the way the scope works on the ifr-1200

  2. my ifr-1200s has no vertical amplifier on the scope, horizontal works great, has no vertical control
    all else seems to work ok.
    does anyone recognize this problem???

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