hosting: What is hosting in the most basic terms… hosting is the service that determines how each page of your website is physically delivered to your visitors and customers.

Hosting is a transparent, but very important aspect of running a successful website. The decision you make during this step effects all the rest of the process and can limit you in the future if you are not careful. If I may make a building analogy, it is akin to choosing the foundation for a building. The type of foundation and the strength of it dictates the size of the building you can build on top.

There are free web hosting options, though like anything else in life you have to ask, where is the money coming from? Most, if not all, of the free web hosting options will include advertisements on the pages you serve out to your visitors. You will also likely not get your own domain name — your URL might be: You can do a search on your favorite search engine for “free web hosting” to begin to see the options. I advise you to steer away from these services because paid, reliable hosting service is so affordable. I think any serious business that relies on free hosting is starting their web marketing on shaky ground and setting themselves up for failure.

Visiting the world of budget web hosts is like going to the boardwalk in Atlantic City or the Strip in Vegas: there are lots of bright and flashing colors, hundreds of vendors selling the same thing, unverifiable promises, and finding someone to trust with your hard-earned money is difficult. I have had my share of difficulties with web hosts in the dedicated server market which is on the higher end. In my experience, I recommend choosing a company you trust and don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars each month if you can get help when you are having problems.

Starting a new website can be easy, affordable and scaleable if done right with Network Solutions! I use the for a variety of services (no, not hosting)… They have some great deals are are always responsive to phone calls!

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