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One Earth-One People -Renewable energySolar power for the rest of us

Why should you or I care about solar power or wind power or alternative energy?

This is a great question with many answers. The simplest answer is, if everyone got out of the system what they put in, we would have an equilibrium. Since we generally take more energy from the earth than we give back to it,  we must find ways to be more efficient and use renewable resources.  This imbalance causes a resource deficit and basically equates to less for the next generations (my kids and someday their kids). Solar panels and wind turbines are your way of taking or using less of what the earth has to offer that is not replenishable like oil. Solar power and wind power both provide a way to use a resource that already exists in many areas and create an abundance of power from it!

Sounds cool doesn’t it, well it is!

Don’t let the high costs scare you away, the cost of solar panels and wind turbines does keep dropping.  Huge money has been invested into wind and solar power system technology to reduce the costs.  As a matter of fact, some hybrid wind and solar systems at the entry level have easy installs and can be generating power in no time at all.   I believe that rather than waiting for the power companies, which incidently do not want solar or wind, to change and adopt more green energy, we should step up and start suplementing our energy consumption.  This site will have many different solar and wind systems I find and I am always looking for more! Send me a note if you have something you think I should see 🙂

Still confused?
what is this site you ask… nothing really, other than a place for me to put my thoughts down so I don’t forget.

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