Radioactive clouds being tracked from two of Japan’s nuclear plants[updated]

Chernobyl meltdown and the silent radiation clouds that killRadioactive clouds have been detected over the pacific near Japan. The radioactive clouds are just now reaching deadly levels, they are starting to move towards the Pacific, leaving them roughly 500 miles from the west coast of the United States. The aftershocks have caused massive failures at these two plants and the meltdown has begun. All around the world the radioactive modeling systems, usually used to predict nuclear fallout from nuclear weapons, have been turned towards helping to predict the next country that will have to start evacuations. Depending on where the cloud goes, large scale evacuations could start in a matter of hours for close neighbors to Japan and in the coming days for people like you and me. We have heard that California EMA has requested immediate evaluations of contingency plans surrounding the radioactive clouds but this is only reported, not confirmed. No California evacuation plan has been set into action.Any significant radiation cloud heading toward the USA would be tracked and would probably trigger more localized ervacuations.

Experts are trying to downplay the radiation leak as a “ground level” leak although radiation has been detected in the higher altitudes, down wind, by spotter planes. Radiation sickness is being treated in the surrounding areas. The Japanese government is running a cartoon explaining to Japanese residents what symptoms to expect with radiation sickness. Up to 160 people, including 60 elderly patients and medical staff who had been waiting for evacuation in the nearby town of Futabe, and 100 others evacuating by bus, might have been exposed to radiation, said Ryo Miyake, a spokesman from Japan’s nuclear agency. The severity of their exposure, or if it had reached dangerous levels, was not clear. They were being taken to hospitals but it further confirms that the invisible clouds have begun to take shape downwind fromt he plants.

The two main sites that I am concerned about are (you should be too, we share this world):

The Tokyo Electric Power Co’s (TEPCO) nuclear plant

Six reactors at the two Fukushima nuclear power plants (seawater pumping operations have been halted due to aftershocks, meltdown underway, radioactivity levels rising)

As for what to do…. The next 24 hrs and the weatherman have become everyone’s best friend…. As for the things that are going on in the background, find someone that knows, the USA’s government is very slow to react to anything (at least publicly) and you must be proactive in a global crisis such as this. The food you eat comes from somewhere else, the stuff you drink has water from somewhere…The air you breath, well you get the point. Basically, I am saying that you need to be very aware that someone is going to say “it is no big deal, it happened over 500+ miles away… for me that is a 6 hr drive or a two-three hour flight and you can’t SEE radiation and thus don’t know when to hide from it. If the dose is great enough, radiation sickness will start quicker the higher the dose and if it is only a low dose, cancer will show up years later

In another weird event, a trusted resource asked me this…

If you have a fire at your house but aren’t able to get to it because of another fire next door, How do you think Japan is going to save all the rest of the reactors at Fukushima plant when they can’t get near it. Yea, it is that bad

My prayers go out to all affected so far from the earthquakes and radiation :/

Officials in Japan are starting to publicly admit that they have no idea how large the initial radioactive rich ventings were as no measurement devices were active in the near region, only on site.  They continue to vent without updating the world under the premise that the radioactivity going out over the pacific will dissapate before it reaches the USA and other countries.  Other explosions continue to occur and the reporters on the ground are admiting that they are concerned for their safety as the lies continue.

Nuclear reactor containment roof blown offUPDATE 3: Japan is asking the world for assistance in cooling all of the reactors in critical situations.  A new explosion at one of the reactors prompted wider evacuations and an immediate “shelter in place” order for residents too close to get out of the way of the radiation cloud that was released.  Officials are speculating on amount of radiation released but reading at the plant suggest it was massive.  These secondary explosions are crippling the remaining staff’s ability to cool the rods.  Top officials in Japan have warned of more releases in the near future.

JARL helping in Earthquake stricken region

Japan's Tokyo Tower bent in the eathquake
Japan's Tokyo Tower bent in the eathquake (right image is just the top magnified)

An earthquake, the worst in 140 years, has hit Japan. It created a large tsunami as the 8.9 magnitude  earthquake occurred.  Strong aftershock have been reported in all regions affected by the quake and some of them have been measured at very distant locations, suggesting that the activity below the earth’s crust is still very high.  The initial death toll is in the thousands as rescue efforts have begun in almost all of the prefects affected.

From the JARL (Japan amateur radio league) building headquarters, the newly appointed secretary Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP, reports that the building shook quite strongly, but no serious damage was caused.

JARL also reports that in northeastern Taiheiyou earthquake region amateur radio traffic by  JA7RL / 7 RL and other stations is being used for coordination and informational updates.  For those in need or wanting to try to listen, you should mainly watch 7.030MHz SSB communications.  They are being conducted by priority at this time.

more to come

Urban Green Energy wind turbine to be used in Bangladesh power crisis

Urban Green Energy technology is in focus againBangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announces renewable energy platform at ICT Expo, showcasing Urban Green Energy’s eddyGT 1kW vertical axis wind turbine

DHAKA, BANGLADESH, March 10, 2011 – The eddyGT 1 kilowatt (1kW) vertical axis wind turbine by Urban green energy, the New York-based manufacturer of small vertical wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar renewable energy solutions, will be showcased at the ICT Expo in Bangladesh from March 10 to 13, 2011. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will open the event and announce her country’s renewable energy platform.

The expo takes place at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Dhaka. Urban green energy’s turbine will be introduced to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at the event as a solution to the power crisis in Bangladesh. The first pilot project will use the country’s largest bridges as the setting for wind turbines to produce energy. The total number of bridges in this pilot project is around twenty and the power load is approximately 1 megawatt.

Most of the bridges in Bangladesh are financed by the ADB and the World Bank. ADB has already shown interest in the project which is in collaboration with United SysNet Ltd.

Large Solar flare causes northern lights show in Northern Ireland

Northern lights on Sunday above the village of Ersfjordbotn in northern Norway. (Martial Trezzini / Associated Press)

Thanks to a powerful solar flare, the northern lights are on tour — sort of. Locals and lucky travelers in Northern Ireland this week have seen the dazzling ribbons of color usually reserved for higher lattitudes.

The reason? Particles from the solar flare that have started to rain down on Earth also have made the lights, a.k.a. the aurora borealis, visible to more people. (The magnetic showers expected to last to midday Friday also have the potential to down power grids and interrupt communications, according to this National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration update.)

The British Geological Survey’s website reported that “already one CME [coronal mass ejection] arrived on the 14th sparking Valentine’s Day displays of the northern lights (aurora borealis) further south than usual.”

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