To defend or not to defend, Is that the question?

When is it time for the people of the United States to defend themselves? The 2nd amendment affords you the ability to protect yourself from criminals and thugs that would otherwise waste no pity on your suffering as they kill you, rob you, or maybe rape your daughter. Watch video one for this approach…

But is that all the people of the United States have to fear or the only reason for the 2nd amendment? This next video is a much watch as government corruption took over in small town and the citizens of the town saved the day.

But what if the people that you could have saved by having a gun were your parents? Don’t forget to watch this video on the 2nd amendment.

Do we lock all the guns up in jail so that no one can use a gun? Are knifes next? Then “sharp objects”? There will always be the motivated predator waiting for there next victim. How is taking away forms of protection that the law abiding citizens have going to make the “motivated predator” not kill?

Whatever your reason for liking or not liking guns… I don’t care…  We need to stop the killing using any weapon… guns are just a tool, like a hammer.

In 2011, 496 people were murdered with a hammer or a blunt object compare to just 323 murders that were committed with a rifle. Blunt objects also beat out the number of murders committed with a shotgun (356).

Personal weapons (hands, feet) and knives were also considered more dangerous than rifles and shotguns.

Death by what? 2011 crime statistics

The problem is a societal issue that no law will protect you from.  We are in this together and need to stand together to discuss the real issues.  Anything can be used to kill you and we can not make everything illegal.

I am off to sue the soda company for making me fat if we really think more laws should or would make us better people…



Opinion: Gun control won’t stop killings

I decided to express my thoughts about gun control, with some facts that are not known by many due to the media and government distortions. When an area is designated as a gun free zone, you are telling the mentally challenged cases exactly where to go to create the most terror and not be in danger of being stopped by another before they have killed many innocents. Most of the mass shootings thus far have been in no gun zones, but this information is kept out of the news.

States that have open carry such as Montana have one of the lowest crime rates which includes all crimes, about 5 percent. Almost all vehicles have at least one gun and law enforcement can at any time motion a driver over to give him assistance and will, if needed, on the roadside. Their retail stores are the safest, because of armed law-abiding citizens. If a child is snatched, the Amber Alert goes out to all cell phones, and armed hunters block all exits on the highway to funnel the person with the child to one open ramp into the arms of waiting police.

States that have strict gun laws have the worst crime rate in the country, Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, and others. The bad guys will always get any gun they desire regardless of gun laws that are passed, and the rest of us will pay the penalty of being defenseless, with the loss or our Constitutional right to bear arms.

Baseball bats, rubber bullets, tire irons kill more people than guns, but our illustrious leaders and media don’t want you to have this information. Things are so bad in Belgium, you will be arrested for protecting yourself with any item when attacked in you own home. This is total lunacy.

The moral fiber and ethics in this country are in shambles, and we have government control over parents’ ability to discipline their own children without the fear of someone reporting them to CPS. This is an example of another government agency out of control.

Prayer has been taken out of our schools, and the Ten Commandments taken from prominent places as teaching tools to help our children grow away from evil to be productive citizens. Attitudes today are killing our most innocent and adding to the destruction of this country.

Sharon Loucks

Parkersburg, West Virginia

Armed citizens prevent crimes

The Pennridge Regional Police chief in Philadelphia said if they (the police) “ensured the safety of schools, someone with the intent to kill would move to the malls, hospitals, mass-transit hubs.”

That statement says a lot about why you cannot rely on the police for protection against thugs. Does the chief believe that armed police officers cause shooters to move to the schools, malls, etc.? Should we then disarm the police? And what place is more likely to not have someone armed and therefore be an easy target: a gun-free school, or a mall, hospital or transportation hub that tend to have armed guards or at least citizens with concealed weapons?

It took the police 20 minutes to respond to the “gun-free” Sandy Hook school. When this coward heard the police sirens, he stopped shooting and killed himself. The Aurora shooter ignored five or more movie theaters closer to his residence and picked the one that posted a sign prohibiting firearms. One of the shooters at Columbine, Dylan Klebold, actually wrote letters opposing a concealed carry law. The day that law became effective, he and his fellow coward attacked Columbine. See a pattern?

Armed citizens prevent crimes. And because criminals and others have access to semiautomatic weapons, so should private citizens, as do the police.

Tom Ward


Concealed carry woman stops shooter in no gun zone

An armed woman in San Antonio shot a shooter in a movie theater before he could carry out his planned execution of a girlfriend who recently dumped him. Apparently only two people were wounded by the shooter before the shooter was shot, disarmed, and handcuffed.

This has is an important news story that I have not seen widely discussed in the popular news media. The major reason the news media is not interested is probably because an armed off-duty sheriff deputy shot the shooter using her concealed weapon in a movie theater that was a “gun free zone.” No “assault weapon” was involved. It is embarrassing to the Left that an armed citizen probably prevented one or more murders by shooting the madman.

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 a man entered a movie theater in San Antonio, Texas for the sole purpose of killing his ex-girlfriend, because she had broke up with him. The gunman, 19 year old Jesus Manuel Garcia, apparently did not complete his task. He opened fire in the theater which caused mass panic. People were running for cover and rushing towards exits, according to police and witnesses.

At least two people were wounded in the shooting.

So why was there not widespread news footage covering this event? The shooter was stopped. The Santikos Mayan Palace 14 Movie Theater also houses a small restaurant. The shooting began in the restaurant and as people went for cover, Garcia began to fire outside at an unmarked police car. He then moved to the theater where off duty Bexar County Sheriff Officer, Sgt. Lisa Castellano, who was working the theater, chased Garcia to the back of the theater and cornered him in the men’s room, shooting him several times and taking his gun.

Detective Louis Antu, spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, said, “She took all appropriate action to keep everyone safe in the movie theater.”

Armed Citizens defending themselves and others does not fit Obama’s agenda of progressively disarming the American people. Obama said on Sunday when he spoke on NBC “Meet the Press,”

“I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools,” Obama said. “And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem.”

President Obama is surrounded by dozens, and often hundreds, of heavily armed people. Many are armed with fully automatic weapons. If Obama thinks armed people in schools would not protect students, why does Obama not write an Executive Order to decrease the number of guns protecting the President of the United States? Obama is not about to declare the White House and the President of the United States to be “gun free zones” because Obama is fully aware of the value of armed protection.

Obama wants to be protected with guns. This protection is logical and indicated. Accordingly, school children and the American people should also be entitled to armed protection

School Gun Safety

School gun safetyAll of the craziness in this world and so many good people that had their life’s cut short for no good reason.  My heart is with the everyone touched by this horrible event. Tragedies like today’s remind me that schools are “weapon” free zones and thus, no law abiding citizen could help “legally” have had a weapon to defend these children and getting one from their car would have made them a criminal as well.  This means that we are at the mercy of someone calling and then the police response times. School gun safety is an important piece of our children’s education but must be approached with the right message.  Attacking the second amendment on something like this should remind us that criminals look for easy targets and the sign we hang in front of our child’s school must represent what built this great nation.
School Gun Safety is not an easy topic to address at all but I would love your two cents on the school gun safety picture seen here….



I personally try to not use any google services in any given day which is not easy and frankly impossible if you look at how many companies that have taken over, bought out, brushed under rug, destroyed though unfair business practices, or otherwise. This has left us consumers in an interesting pickle. In order to compete with other companies we need to cut costs and find better and quicker ways of doing things. As we all change and learn these new services and features, maybe a new phone etc, inevitably we will run into a situation where we need assistance in the form of tech support. Most companies staff for this. If someone sends me an email complaining about one of my sites, I deal with it or have an employee handle it. I pay someone to talk with the person and deal with it. This is the American way and has been the backbone of some of the most successful companies. It costs money to be good at something for everyone, not just the people who can figure your product out, but everyone… All companies plan for this, well almost all… Google makes a ton of money, they work for the stock holders, not the consumers using the products. This relationship that they have with the consumers is not what it seems. Google does not offer one-on-one support for all of its products, rather only a very few of them. What this means is, when your working it is great and probably cheap but if it stops working you are up a creek unless you can make enough internet noise to make a difference. Google knows this and uses there power to hide the enormous amount of user frustration they have in their base. At some point the “beer googles” will come off and people will see just how shallow this data mining company is. Unfortunately they teach it from the top as employees are encouraged to brag on “how big” google really is. A recent blog post by a google employee highlights the desire to explain to you why you will not get support and why people are out of work…

DeWitt Clinton
Jul 23, 2011 – Public
Thought of the day:

If you have a billion users, and a mere 0.1% of them have an issue that requires support on a given day (an average of one support issue per person every three years), and each issue takes 10 minutes on average for a human to personally resolve, then you’d spend 19 person-years handling support issues every day.

If each support person works an eight-hour shift each day then you’d need 20,833 support people on permanent staff just to keep up.

That, folks, is internet scale.


DeWitt has an interesting point here but I am going to take it local for a minute.  If company A sends the IT guy packing because they moved their email to google, company A should expect really cheap email both in service and in support, meaning almost none…   Google is not going to staff support, they already admit that as it hurts stock price and their profits.    I remember a site that calculated how many IT jobs are lost in companies when google services are implemented and also showed the internal IT satifaction level drop in the 12 months after.   I guess google must assume we will get used to the mediocre service and lack of real support.  It is funny since I had my beer googles on for a very long time and in the last couple years since I have changed back to “non-google” services business has skyrocketed….
Suggest you take the beer googles off yourself and see how much of your business google is costing you.

Globally,Google is not as trusted as you would think as this revealing statistic points out…
Google search, Docs, Blogger and YouTube, are blocked in 25 of the 100 countries where it operates. 

Homewood Police shoot stray dog

Homewood Police Cruiser

Homewood Police CruiserAnd scold residents for watching them do it…

Today in Homewood a resident called about a stray dog that had ran after an older lady who was holding a child. Homewood Police’s animal control arrived and while assessing the situation, “got scared” and called for backup due to a dangerous dog. The Homewood police respond with three units. One of these units pulls up and gets out, dog runs out playfully and the Homewood cop shot it. The onlookers that included women and children were horrified as one would imagine. As mothers are tending to the crying children the Homewood cop then tosses the now dead dog onto the hood and proceeds to drive away.

These people are sworn to protect and serve. They are paid from tax dollars of the successful people that live within the boundaries of their city and yet when confronted about their handling of the whole situation they blamed the residents for watching. I can not say I am surprised by the Homewood police and their actions, they seem to have a different level of understanding to what “to serve and protect” really means.

Obama’s Plan but first a history lesson of sorts (VIDEO)

Thomas Peterffy- Chasing the American Dream

Thomas Peterffy- Chasing the American DreamThis video is by a business man who has done very well for himself after coming to the United States of America to chase a better life. I watched this video and am reminded how many times history repeats itself. You do not become an oppressed society overnight, it takes years of stripping your liberties, your freedoms, your incentive to be unique and your income because, well…
watch the video…

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Despite the fact that he could not speak English when he immigrated to the United States in 1956, Thomas fulfilled the American dream. With hard work and dedication, he started a business that today employs thousands of people. In the 1970s, Thomas bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange. He played a key role in developing the electronic trading of securities and is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an online discount brokerage firm with offices all over the world.

Thank you Thomas!  A lot of people need to hear this!

A Radiological Dispersal Devise Exploded at a Train Station

Vibrant Response 13 - Radiation and nuclear threat response

Vibrant Response 13 - Radiation and nuclear threat responseThe unthinkable happened: A (simulated) 3,000 lb. radiological dispersal devise exploded at a train station in a major Midwestern city. Within hours, reports indicated two additional radiological devises, as well as a possible nuclear device, also detonated within the city.

Within minutes of the incident, the Federal Emergency Management Agency began the process of responding to the crisis; and soon after, an Army North defense coordinating element, or DCE, kicked into high gear as it prepared to help coordinate for Department of Defense assistance.

“Once an incident has happened, FEMA writes a mission assignment and sends it to the defense coordinating officer,” said Lt. Col. Charles Jackson, deputy defense coordinating officer for U.S. Army North’s Defense Coordinating Element Region VII out of Kansas City, Mo. ” The DCO will alert Army North of the help request, and then the defense coordinating element will be activated.”

“Once they have arrived on the scene, they will monitor situational awareness and determine if there are any military immediate responders on the scene. We are always the support element when we respond to situations in the United States,” said Jackson.

Defense coordinating elements serve as the Department of Defense’s first responders to a natural or man-made disaster. The DCEs are permanently assigned to all ten FEMA regions and serve as the DOD’s point of contact to the primary federal agencies responding to an event.

“We are the bridge between the state and federal government in coordinating resources to provide assistance to the American public,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Venable, emergency preparedness liaison officer for Defense Coordinating Element VII.

After a disaster, the state government(s) turns to FEMA to request help in providing resources to those affected. If FEMA cannot provide the needed resources directly, it sends a mission assignment to the assigned DCE requesting help.

Timeliness is paramount once called upon. The process is a quick one and the mission is vital — to aid their fellow Americans when called upon.

“When we get a mission assignment from FEMA, the first thing we do is determine if it meets regulatory criteria,” said Jackson. If it does, the DCE works to get the mission assigned.

Mission assignments fall under three categories: lifesaving, life-sustaining and all others. Once the mission assignment is approved, it is sent to a joint task force to be carried out.

To ensure the DCE is effective in times of national emergency, it is certified annually. DCE VII currently at Camp Atterbury, Ind., and is undergoing certification as part of Vibrant Response 13.

As part of the exercise, as soon as the members of DCE VII arrived on the scene, they quickly worked on gaining situational awareness and to kickoff the process of approving mission assignments that would ultimately go to Joint Task Force — Guardian, a command and control response element composed of National Guard members.

“One of the most difficult things in the initial hours after an incident is determining real information and separating it from inaccurate information,” said Jackson. “That is why it is important that we remain in contact with the responders on the ground.”

The training done at Army North’s Vibrant Response is realistic and beneficial to his team, said Col. Edward Manning, defense coordinating officer, DCE Region VII.

“This training is important because it prepares us to understand what is required in a real-world incident,” said Manning.

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More troop movement for this exercise can be seen in a video here