Kaito WRX-911 AM/FM Shortwave Radio, Blue

If you are new to the world of shortwave radio, the WRX911 is an ideal choice for you without a serious dent in your wallet. It not only offers you crystal clear reception on all bands but also good sound quality. The design of this radio is very intuitive, you would hardly need to look at the user manual in order to make this radio up and running.
Solid and compact, the WRX911 includes just the essentials: a retractable antenna, volume control and tuning knob. Tuning is accomplished by switching the band selector to the appropriate band, then dialing up or down.
If you plan on traveling with a radio, the WRX911 is an ideal choice. You can either listen to it via the built-in speaker or with the included earphones.


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GRE PSR500 Digital Trunking Handheld Scanner

Digital Triple Trunking Handheld Scanner
– Intuitive “Object Oriented” User Interface Design

Recognizing that contemporary scanning receivers are too hard to program and use, GREʼs engineers conducted extensive research to determine the functional requirements for an entirely new scanning receiver user interface. We call this new user interface the Object Oriented User Interface (OOUI), and it is based on the premise that, to a hobbyist, a scanner is easiest to use if all of the things that can be scanned are handled using common conventions for interaction between the user and the radio, at least to the extent that this is possible given that the “things” that can be scanned are different from one another in either subtle or major ways.

– Powerful and Flexible Scan List Functionality
– Menu Driven Programming with Context Sensitive Help
– Upgradeable CPU and DSP Firmware
– Flexible Free-Form Memory Organization
– GRE’s Exclusive V-Scanner Technology
GRE’s Exclusive V-Scanner Technology – Allows you to save complete radio configurations within the radio, for recall into main memory as needed in the field. This is similar to having a laptop computer and programming software available anytime. You can use V-Scanners to store configurations for different geographical areas or usage styles. Twenty one V-Scanner Folders are provided, each capable of storing over 1,800 objects. Total memory capacity of main memory combined with V-Scanners is over 37,800 objects!
SKYWARN Storm Spotter Functionality – Instant access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks. You can monitor storm conditions as they occur, and become aware of dangerous conditions before the media or emergency management officials are able to announce them to the general public.
SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting – Your scanner can operate in dedicated Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) weather alerting mode, and alert you to severe weather and other hazards in the specific area(s) that you select, or, your scanner can check your local NOAA weather frequency
periodically, even while scanning and alert you when an All Hazards alert occurs.
Multi-System Trunking – Scans most common trunked radio system signaling formats, including Motorola, EDACS, LTR and P25 trunked radio networks. Both talkgroup and individual call monitoring are supported.
GRE’s Exclusive Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking – When monitoring P25 digital systems, instantly adapts the digital decoder to the digital modulation format of the transmitted signal, then analyzes the signal over 50 times each second and adapts to any subtle changes caused by multipath or fading. No cumbersome manual adjustments are required.- P25 NAC Functionality
– Remote Control Capability
– Exclusive ALERT LED
– Audible alarms
– GRE’s Exclusive Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking
– GRE’s Exclusive Digital AGC
– The Best Subaudible Squelch Decoder in the Scanning Industry
– High Speed PC Interface
– Powerful Spectrum Sweeper
– Real-time Signal Strength Indicator
– Trunking Control Data Output
– High Contrast LCD Display
– SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting
– SKYWARN Storm Spotter Functionality
– Sleek, Compact Case Design with Large Speaker 

Uniden BCD396XT Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner

Monitor all of the major types of communications systems used by public safety local government and amateur radio operators Support for P25 conventional channel that includes NAC and TGID user differentiation (P25 1-frequency trunk) EDACS support control data output – allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner Close Call temporary store (last 10 hits) GPS support for location-based scanning location alert and crows-flight
Fire tone out alert
band scope
multi-color display
multi-site support
NAC decoding
ability to flag a channel as digital analog or all
Temporary lockout
start-up configuration
system/channel tagging
individual channel volume
offset key safe mode and private system Band Scope graphically finds radio activity Continuous band coverage 25MHz to 1.3GHz excluding UHF TV and cellular S.A.M.E. Weather Alert and public safety scanner

Uniden BCD396XT Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner

Get your today and stop missing those fun radio calls

Complete Guide to the Three Worst Nuclear Power Plant Accidents: Fukushima 2011, Three Mile Island 1979, and Chernobyl 1986 – Authoritative Coverage of Radiation Releases and Effects

The three major nuclear power plant accidents – Fukushima Daiichi in 2011, Three Mile Island in 1979, and Chernobyl in 1986 – are fully covered in this authoritative collection of official reports, with over 1,300 pages.

Fukushima Accident: This thorough compilation of official information and documents includes material from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), U.S. government agencies, and official sources in Japan – providing an authoritative running narrative of the event as it happened hour by hour, plus important and little-known background data. TEPCO’s latest roadmap for achieving a cool shutdown of the damaged reactors and dealing with the accident is covered. Expert testimony before the U.S. Senate and material from the NRC discusses the safety of U.S. nuclear facilities in light of the Fukushima accident; there is extensive discussion of the earthquake risk at California power plants, emergency planning for loss of coolant accidents, and preparations for public health impacts. Information from the EPA and FDA deals with the effects of radiation from Fukushima on the environment and food supply of the United States. A unique chapter provides the running account of TEPCO’s problems and radiation leaks from the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station in Niigata Prefecture following a strong earthquake in 2007.

Contents: Chapter 1: Roadmap towards Restoration from the Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station; Chapter 2: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Statements on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Through mid-April; Chapter 3: Japan Government Statements and Notices About the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis – including News Briefings by Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano, and Prime Minister Kan; Chapter 4: CRS Report for Congress – Fukushima Nuclear Crisis; Chapter 5: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Material; Chapter 6: American Government Agencies; Chapter 7: Energy Department Material; Chapter 8: Testimony before the U.S. Senate; Chapter 9: Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Press Releases Regarding the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station after the Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake (2007 Incident and Response).

TMI: The 1979 nuclear meltdown accident at the Three Mile Island (TMI) plant in Pennsylvania is fully covered in this authoritative collection of official documents with details about the accident and its aftermath, including the immediate and long-term health effects, a full reproduction of the report of the President’s Commission on the Accident at TMI, detailed timelines of the accident with technical information on the accident, fuel core meltdown, the evacuations, political reactions, media reports, and public consequences, and much more. Although the TMI-2 plant suffered a severe core meltdown, the most dangerous kind of nuclear power accident, it did not produce the worst-case consequences that reactor experts had long feared. In a worst-case accident, the melting of nuclear fuel would lead to a breach of the walls of the containment building and release massive quantities of radiation to the environment. But this did not occur as a result of the three Mile Island accident.

Chernobyl: The 1986 radiation accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station in the Ukraine is fully covered in this authoritative collection of official documents with details about the accident and its aftermath, including the immediate and long-term health consequences, the release of radioactive cesium and iodine, thyroid cancer cases, the containment of the destroyed Unit 4 reactor, American reaction and response, and much more.

This is a privately authored news service and educational publication of Progressive Management.

GREAmerica PSR-800 GRE PSR-800 EZ Scan Digital P25 Trunking HH Scanner

The GRECOM GRE PSR-800 pre-programmed digital scanner represents another step forward in this new era of scanner design. For experienced scanner users the PSR-800 is certainly radical. There’s no keypad, but rather a set of buttons reminiscent of an MP3 music player. For scanner novices or even experienced users who will be traveling and don’t wish to program the scanner for every city they’re visiting, the PSR-800 is a great option. The radio is about the exact size of a deck of playing cards although an inch taller. It’s very convenient size is perfect for scanning on-the-go. It will conveniently fit in your pocket which its direct competitor, the Uniden HomePatrol, is far bulkier. The PSR-800 is pre-programmed with the RadioReference national database for the U.S. and Canada. To program the radio you press a Menu key, select Browse Library and you then follow a hierarchical tree structure for selecting state, county, municipality and agency. You can select at one level, such as county, and the radio will program everything within the county; or, you can drill down to the public works in a particular town and just select that department for scanning. Each group of channels is then assigned to a Scanlist and you select which Scanlists you want to scan. The audio on the PSR-800 is very good and as usual with GRE the APCO-25 digital audio decoding is excellent. With its backlighting on the PSR-800 display is very bright and easy to read and the unique multi-colored LED which can be matched to specific groups or channels, has been expandedl. The top-mounted control is for squelch only while volume is handled on the rocker panel on the radio’s front face. With service searches, Spectrum Sweeper and a number of other functions the radio the PSR-800 is a trend-setter.

GREAmerica PSR-600 GRE PSR-600 Digital Apco-25 Triple Trunking Base Scanner

The GRE PSR-600 employs cutting edge technology to bring a high level of performance and innovative features. This model clearly raises the bar in the area of advanced trunking scanners. 1800 memories are available and may be dynamically structured to bank sizes you prefer. Plus you can store 21 virtual scanners (so that is a total of 37,800 objects). The large backlit LCD is four lines by 16 characters. The keys are also backlit. Supported trunking systems include Motorola Analog, EDACS, LTR and Digital APCO (9600 bps). There is a a weather alert function, SAME technology and Skywarn features. You also get an exclusive multicolor ALERT-LED that provides a visual indication of activity on selected channels or talkgroups. The Global Menu features allows you to alter many operational parameters to your personal preference. There is a useful spectrum sweeper function that seeks out nearby RF sources. Operates from 13.8 VDC Includes telescopic BNC antenna, GRE USB PC Interface Cable, PC CD, mounting bracket, AC adapter and DC power cable.

RadioShack Pro-163 Desk Top Triple Trunking Scanner

Stay on top of stuff.
Many cities and towns have switched their emergency systems to trunking systems that automatically jump from one frequency to another with each transmission. The Pro-163 is designed to keep up with that so you’ll get the entire conversation. You’ll receive NOAA weather transmissions in your area. Emergency transmissions nearby are grabbed by Signal StalkerTM, which automatically picks up transmissions up to 1000-ft. away from your scanner. Follow police, fire, marine bands and more. Use the Pro-163 in your vehicle or on a table at home.

Store up to 1,000 frequencies, covers police frequencies in most metropolitan areas
Hear storm reports before they are broadcast on TV or radio, alerts you to severe weather locally
Searches for nearby frequency transmissions within approximately 1,000 feet of the radio
Easy to read in low light or completely dark areas
Download frequencies from your computer with software and patch cable (SKU 20-047, sold separately)
Clones with another PRO-163, 20-163 desktop or with the handheld version, PRO-164, 20-164