River City Clocks Miniature Solar-Powered Wind Turbine, 6-Inch Tall

When sunlight touches the solar panel on the top of this wind turbine, the motor begins turning, spinning the blades. how does it work? the solar cells generate electricity when the sun or a halogen light shines on them. the electricity is used to drive a small motor that spins the blades. the solar cells in this item is encased within a flexible polymer approved for space applications, making them exceptionally reliable. the solar panel will not generate electricity under fluorescent or neon light sources.

Brunton SolarRoll 9 Watt Flexible Solar Panels

Our drive and desire to pioneer a line of rugged power sources led to the introduction of the first flexible solar panel, the SolarRoll. Since then, the evolution of this concept has flourished. Backed by glowing reviews in every major magazine and newspaper in this country and others, the SolarRoll┬┐ has officially taken its place as one of our most talked about products. The proof, though, is in the remarkable performance. Ideal for powering satellite phones; members of expeditions worldwide pack the SolarRoll in place of expensive extra batteries that don’t offer much relief in the form of weight. One Year Warranty. Contact us for Customer Service, Technical and any other question at 1-800-443-4871 (or) support@brunton.com

Shell / Arco / Siemens Solar SM55 / SM50H Replacement Solar Panel 55W – 36 High Efficiency Polycrystalline Cells.

SOLAR-X high efficiency module size is easy to handle and specifically designed to replace Shell Solar’s popular SM55 & SM50H modules.The SOLAR-X module uses state of the art multicrystalline technology with a Silicon Nitride (SiN) coating that enhances cell efficiency. Encapsulation beneath high transmission tempered glass is accomplished using an advanced, UV resistant thermal setting plastic. The encapsulant, ethylene vinyl acetate, cushions the solar cells within the laminate and protect the cells from etching. The rear surface of the module is completely sealed from moisture and mechanical damage by a continuous high strength polymer sheet. The SOLAR-X module incorporates a reinforced anodised aluminium frame, designed to meet SOLAR-X High Quality Standards for corrosion resistance. APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: 12 Volt battery charging, Traffic signs & applications, Emergency communications, SCADA systems & monitoring, Small-scale irrigation pumping, Aviation obstruction lighting, Railway signal lighting, Street lighting.

Brunton SOLARIS 52 CIGS Foldable Solar Panel (Black/Silver, 12 Volt)

Brunton Foldable Solar Panel is highly efficient flexible CIGS thin film solar technology. Durable individual CIGS cells work independently of each other. Uses 12V output to charge/maintain devices such as cameras, laptops and DVD players. Link up to 3 Solaris 52 units together for even better performance. Durable waterproof technology. Contact us for Customer Service, Technical and any other question at 1-800-443-4871 (or) support@brunton.com

AGPtek® 55ft 100 LED Solar String Fairy White Lights Outdoor Garden Xmas

1.Larger Solar Panel
2.Simple to use for no hassle lighting
3.100 LED at 15cm spacing
4.Auto Sensor controls lighting and recharging
5.Charging time in sunshine: more than 6 hours
6.2 Light Modes
1) Flashing/Glimmering
2) Steady On
7.Power: Solar
8.Light color: white
9.Working temperature -20–+60

Overall: Approx 17M (55ft)
Panel to 1st bulb approx 200cm
Between bulbs 15cm
Solar Panel 6.5*5CM
Ground Spike 17.5cm

Note: Panel must be in dark/dim environment for the lights to come on (simply cover the solar panel to turn on light in brighter environment after power is charged)

Package Included:
1 x Solar Power String Light – 100 LED (White)
1 x Ground Spike

Brunton Flat 15 Watt Solar Cells

Designed for permanent or semi-permanent mounting, these weatherproof rigid power panels are perfect for your RV, cabin or boat, your electrified stock fence, even for keeping your vehicle batteries charged up and ready to go. Advanced solar-collection technology means you can count on reliable output in virtually all conditions.

New 500w Small Grid Tie Power Inverter Converter for Solar Panel System 10.8-30V DC to 90-130v,Ac Pure Sine Wave


The only plug and play small grid tie photovoltaic system;The stackable small grid tie photovoltaic system

Electrical Specifications:

Model: SUN-500G-LOW

Normal AC Output Power: 450W

Maximum AC Output Power: 500W

AC Output Voltage Range: 90V ~ 130V

AC Output Frequency Range: 46Hz ~ 65Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): <5%

Power Factor: 0.99

DC Input Voltage Range: 10.8V ~ 30V

Peak Inverter Efficiency: 92%

Standby Power consumption: <0.5W

Output Current Waveform: Pure Sine-wave

MPPT Function: Yes

Over Current Protection: Yes

Over Temperature Protection: Yes

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes

Island Protection: Yes

Stackable: Yes

Package Includes?Power inverter and Power cord

Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 centigrade

Ecoplay 800 Watt Solar Powered Portable Generator

The Eco Play is the smallest of our portable generators. It can handle many smaller electrical loads with its 800 watt inverter.

Perfect for field research, remote work sites, home or office back-up power, the Eco Play is the best little power house on the market.

Easily moved to wherever you need power, this system can make camping a breeze by powering your fans, radios, or electrical devices. Charge your power tools, cell phones, and other devices quickly and easily with the Eco Play.

Run up to six smaller household and other appliances with free energy from the Sun. The Eco Play is perfect for the person on the go who needs to bring power with them.

Included : 1 – Ten Watt Solar PV Panel , 1 – 800 watt modified sine wave inverter.

Not Included: 50 AMP AGM Battery. In order to bring shipping cost down for our customers we do not include the 50 amp hour battery. Batteries can be purchased locally from any auto or hardware store.** Or through staab battery **. If you would like us to include the battery please contact us after your purchase of the EcoPlay and we will handle it for you.

The EcoPlay makes it easy for you with its Plug and Play Design! This system can be expanded upon to 110 watts of solar power!