Uniden BC346XT Handheld TrunkTracker III Analog Police Scanner

The Uniden BC346XT is a handheld scanner that’s packed with features. Program up to 9,000 channels or 500 trunked systems in dynamic memory. GPS support gives you location-based scanning, location alerts, and crows-flight navigation with a compatible GPS unit. Fire Tone-Out Alerts you when fire pages are issued, Band Scope gives you a graphic representation of signal activity. Close Call RF Capture tunes to nearby signals with no programming needed, and so much more. Plus, PC programming and control makes setting up the scanner easier than ever.

Uniden BCD396XT Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner

Monitor all of the major types of communications systems used by public safety local government and amateur radio operators Support for P25 conventional channel that includes NAC and TGID user differentiation (P25 1-frequency trunk) EDACS support control data output – allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner Close Call temporary store (last 10 hits) GPS support for location-based scanning location alert and crows-flight
Fire tone out alert
band scope
multi-color display
multi-site support
NAC decoding
ability to flag a channel as digital analog or all
Temporary lockout
start-up configuration
system/channel tagging
individual channel volume
offset key safe mode and private system Band Scope graphically finds radio activity Continuous band coverage 25MHz to 1.3GHz excluding UHF TV and cellular S.A.M.E. Weather Alert and public safety scanner

Uniden BCD396XT Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner

Get your today and stop missing those fun radio calls

GREAmerica PSR-800 GRE PSR-800 EZ Scan Digital P25 Trunking HH Scanner

The GRECOM GRE PSR-800 pre-programmed digital scanner represents another step forward in this new era of scanner design. For experienced scanner users the PSR-800 is certainly radical. There’s no keypad, but rather a set of buttons reminiscent of an MP3 music player. For scanner novices or even experienced users who will be traveling and don’t wish to program the scanner for every city they’re visiting, the PSR-800 is a great option. The radio is about the exact size of a deck of playing cards although an inch taller. It’s very convenient size is perfect for scanning on-the-go. It will conveniently fit in your pocket which its direct competitor, the Uniden HomePatrol, is far bulkier. The PSR-800 is pre-programmed with the RadioReference national database for the U.S. and Canada. To program the radio you press a Menu key, select Browse Library and you then follow a hierarchical tree structure for selecting state, county, municipality and agency. You can select at one level, such as county, and the radio will program everything within the county; or, you can drill down to the public works in a particular town and just select that department for scanning. Each group of channels is then assigned to a Scanlist and you select which Scanlists you want to scan. The audio on the PSR-800 is very good and as usual with GRE the APCO-25 digital audio decoding is excellent. With its backlighting on the PSR-800 display is very bright and easy to read and the unique multi-colored LED which can be matched to specific groups or channels, has been expandedl. The top-mounted control is for squelch only while volume is handled on the rocker panel on the radio’s front face. With service searches, Spectrum Sweeper and a number of other functions the radio the PSR-800 is a trend-setter.

Uniden BC340CRS 100-Channel Clock Radio Scanner

Uniden’s BC340CRS scanner is a multi-featured conventional channel scanner. You can easily enter and store frequencies for police, fire/emergency, marine, air, amateur, and other radio services into 100 channels over ten banks. The scanner also lets you listen to NOAA weather broadcasts for valuable information specific to your location. The scanner’s clock displays whenever you turn off the radio functions, and it can also be used as a standard alarm clock.