Green energy: Urban Green Energy does it again with ViewUGE

ViewUGE give you the controlUrban Green Energy has released the ViewUGE at CES 2012. ViewUGE is Urban Green Energy’s answer to monitoring green energy production. The ViewUGE is the online energy monitoring application that ties small wind turbines with the smart grid, perfect for those who are planning to or have installed a renewable energy system and seek a reliable, remote way to monitor their energy production.

With its clean and personalized interface, ViewUGE distinguishes itself from monitoring systems implemented in other sectors. The user experience was the key consideration during the design stage of ViewUGE and exemplifies the signature user-friendliness of all UGE products.

“At UGE, we are strong proponents of using multiple technologies to get the most out of renewable energy, and ViewUGE allows for just that in a very effective manner,” noted Scott Van Pelt, VP of Engineering at UGE.

“With ViewUGE, we are allowing our customers to track a variety of renewable energy inputs, including weather data from the Urban Green Energy 1st Step Weather Station, along with their own energy consumption. This same technology will play a pivotal role in projects utilizing our wind/solar street lamps and the Sanya Skypump, the wind powered electric vehicle charging station we launched with GE this past summer.” Mesh Systems, a leader in machine to machine (M2M) communications, collaborated with UGE in the design of ViewUGE.

With installations in approximately 60 countries, including several government agencies and Fortune 100 companies, Urban Green Energy is changing the face of distributed renewable energy generation. Urban Green Energy’s goal is to put users in control of their energy source, and is doing so by designing and manufacturing more versatile wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar systems for use in applications ranging from residential to commercial, from suburban US homeowners to off-grid telecoms towers in rural Africa.

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ViewUGE allows you to simply and conveniently monitor in real-time the energy consumption of your home, business, or a specific area of your house! Simply connect it to an output of your breaker box to see how much energy your air conditioning has used today. Get to know your energy habits, and reduce your consumption to fully optimize your energy system today!

12-Volt 300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

GudCraft WG300 12-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

Buy this now at Amazon.comThe GudCraft WG300 12V is popular low start up wind speed wind turbine in home yard, cabins, boats, advertising signs, telecommunications tower, etc. Thousands have been sold and are in use worldwide. People have the particular inclination for its clean, aerodynamic lines and its quiet and continuous operation. Without any doubt GudCraft WG300 accumulates more energy than any other comparable wind generator available, you’ll always see spinning in the lightest of breezes.

300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

· Efficient power conversion – GudCraft WG300 generates greater ampere-hours in real wind conditions than turbines of equal and often larger diameter! That’s because between gusts, our unique high inertia alternator designs maintain momentum with a flywheel effect where other units stall. This adds up to more free wind power generated and stored for you.

· GudCraft WG300 is the lowest cost per watt of power generated. Not only is the generator efficient but volume production for our worldwide customers and in-house manufacturing ensures that we deliver a consistently high quality at an affordable cost.

· Our low friction 3-phase alternator gives a smooth and silent output. The low wind speed start up means power is almost continuously produced and certainly in the most typical conditions as well as being powerful in higher winds.

· GudCraft WG300 turbines are made from computer designed efficient aerofoil blades. They have a unique and positive one way only fit and have been tested to withstand a loading with a safety factor 10 times than the turbine’s maximum rpm.

300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

GudCraft 700 Watt 12 volt Wind Generator with 3 blades

Gudcraft 700 watt wind turbine - Buy Now
The GudCraft 700 watt wind turbine is a great starting point for a do it yourself alternative energy project.  This also would be great for an RV,  mobile home or a small off-grid house or cabin.  Get on the green energy bandwagon!  Anyone can be in using renewable energy with this complete wind turbine package.  500W niminal and 700W max wind generator is directly driven by rotor blades without other powered equipment. The high efficiency wind turbine is settled behind rotor blades, which can help to radiate heat. The whole wind turbine system consists of a generator body (including rotor blades), yaw shaft, tower, inverter control system, energy storage system (battery for off-grid system, state grid for on-grid system). Buy this wind generator now

  • 700 Watt 12 Volt system uses wind to generate power and run your appliances/electronics
  • Wind turbines include generator, 3 blades, tail, screws/bolts.
  • Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Latest 2011 design with 3 new blades

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GudCraft WG700 12-Volt 3-Blade 700 Watt Wind Generator -the charge controller
GudCraft WG700 12-Volt 3-Blade 700 Watt Wind Generator - the charge controller

Urban Green Energy – Custom wind turbine solutions

Urban Green Energy - Build your own wind turbine At Urban Green Energy’s website one can find the “Build your own wind turbine” tool where you really can design your own setup.  Grid tie vs battery backup,  tower size,  color of the turbine, etc.  Who knew that one company could bring it all together in a simple yet effective starting block for the consumer wind turbine market.Although the tool lacks some hard numbers for power generation capability as well as costs, a little research will reveals that the market has taken a turn in the consumers favor and costs are dropping.

Battery Back-Up

A battery back-up system will lower the amount of energy you purchase from the grid and provide energy security by storing excess energy in batteries.


Choose the grid-tie option to interconnect with the grid and sell excess energy back to your utility company.

Urban Green Energy wind turbine choices:

  • eddy Ideal for customers looking to lessen their impact on the environment or attain energy security, eddy epitomizes simplicity and convenience, including a controller capable of interfacing with solar panels.

  • eddyGT eddy’s older brother, eddyGT allows you to sell energy into your electric grid and has the capacity to offset a significant portion of your energy use.

  • UGE-4K Whether you are looking for high returns on your investment or energy independence, the powerful yet elegant UGE-4K is the way to go.

updated: Wind Power in Kansas

Wind turbine farm-Kansas along I-70Of all the random things you take for granted is the size of the wind turbines that are along I-70 in Kansas. Not only the size of the turbines but the quantity of the wind turbines is also very impressive. Wind power is an amazing thing to harness with modern wind turbine technology however, wind is still just as inconsistent as it has always been. The wind turbines that are along the highway must be powering thousands upon thousands of homes industry and such. The fact that we, as a society, are able to harness this make everyone happy. The wind turbines in Kansas gave me hope and made me want to learn more about how many of these farms exist in that great state.
Good work Kansas and thank you for showing us how a wind power farm can exist above a working farm!

Update: This is the Smoky hills wind farm. (previously unknown)
The Smoky Hills wind farm is the largest wind farm in Kansas and more than 100 landowners are participanting in the project. Including the land used for roads, turbine foundations and maintenance buildings, less than two percent of the 20,000 acres covered by the wind farm will be removed from agricultural service.

The first two phases of the Smoky Hill Wind Farm have been completed and at peak production the wind farm can generate 250 MW of electricity. The electricity is produced by 140,000 pound Vestas V80 1.8-megawatt wind turbines.

The energy wind farm is grid tied to five local utilities: Sunflower Electric Power Corporation, Midwest Energy, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, the City of Independence, Missouri and the City of Springfield, Missouri. Again, my hats off to this renewable resource and the people and landowners that are using their land.

Switzerland’s Greenwire illuminates Italian flag on City Hall with eddy wind turbine by Urban Green Energy

An eddy from urban green energyIMPERIA, ITALY, March 16, 2011 – At the stroke of midnight, an Italian flag will be illuminated on the façade of Imperia’s City Hall with green, white, and red LED flood lights powered by a vertical axis wind turbine to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Imperia, the third largest city in Liguria, has an ambitious plan to green the city under the leadership of Mayor Paolo Strescino. The first step towards this is the installation of an eddy wind turbine by Urban Green Energy atop the bell tower of Liguria’s historic city hall, built in 1923, to offset a percentage of the building’s electricity. Swiss distributor Greenwire installed the turbine.

Michele Benvenuti of Greenwire says, “With this installation, Greenwire shows everyone that making energy is a fun process that can enrich our city experience. It should become a new way of furnishing the living space we all enjoy outside our home. Wind energy is a rich resource for everyone, but most importantly it’s free! Greenwire and Urban Green Energy can now help you collect your free daily amount of energy that provides your energy needs, and we can do it in style.”

Future plans for the city of Imperia include the installation of a number of UGE-4K turbines in the park in front of the city hall to power all of the building’s energy needs. This is an effort to achieve a European Union objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020, in accordance with the EU Covenant of Mayors and the Kyoto Protocol. Imperia is among the many municipalities in Europe abiding by this covenant, under which free financing is available to achieve this. Greenwire assists with the financing.

Chevaun Tarrach, Vice President of Business Development at Urban Green Energy, helped manage the project and was excited to see a preview of the end result. “The residents of Imperia are going to love their new installation, which looks beautiful above this historic clock tower. We are happy to have worked with Greenwire and the city of Imperia on this project, which is one more example of how we are helping cities from around the world go green.”

About Greenwire
Greenwire,, is the brainchild of people like you who require the use of sustainable technologies and resources of the third millennium to be used wisely with minimal waste. We focus on small units that will enable anyone, anywhere to take advantage of the valuable resources in the wind and sun. We stay away from giant wind-covered mountains and grasslands invaded by huge photovoltaic stations. We are not your classic reseller, but we do what we do because we really believe in what we do: selling products that we believe in and like.

Urban Green Energy wind turbine to be used in Bangladesh power crisis

Urban Green Energy technology is in focus againBangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announces renewable energy platform at ICT Expo, showcasing Urban Green Energy’s eddyGT 1kW vertical axis wind turbine

DHAKA, BANGLADESH, March 10, 2011 – The eddyGT 1 kilowatt (1kW) vertical axis wind turbine by Urban green energy, the New York-based manufacturer of small vertical wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar renewable energy solutions, will be showcased at the ICT Expo in Bangladesh from March 10 to 13, 2011. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will open the event and announce her country’s renewable energy platform.

The expo takes place at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Dhaka. Urban green energy’s turbine will be introduced to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at the event as a solution to the power crisis in Bangladesh. The first pilot project will use the country’s largest bridges as the setting for wind turbines to produce energy. The total number of bridges in this pilot project is around twenty and the power load is approximately 1 megawatt.

Most of the bridges in Bangladesh are financed by the ADB and the World Bank. ADB has already shown interest in the project which is in collaboration with United SysNet Ltd.

Urban Green Energy-Sanya, the street light with a vertical-axis wind turbine

Urban green energy-sanya off-grid wind turbine run street light
Urban green energy-Eddy-gt vertical axis wind turbine on top of a Sanya in an off-grid installation.

Those people at Urban green energy have again delighted me with a unique product. The Sanya, A street light with a vertical-axis wind turbine built into the top. Talk about redefining the light pole. The Sanya streetlamp uses Urban green energy’s vertical-axis wind turbines, with customers usually picking our trademark eddy vertical axis wind turbine. eddy is the leading name for small wind power, unsurpassable in terms of reliability, efficiency, and durability. The beautiful Sanya pole includes a section that can be customized and provides a great marketing tool for our customers. From painted company logos to perforated metal sheets, numerous options are available to choose from.

 Specifications for the Sanya from Urban green energyUrban green energy Sanya street light with a eddy-gt wind turbine

  • Wind Turbine eddy
  • Rated Output 600 W
  • Rated Windspeed: 12 m/s
  • Number of Panels 1
  • Rated Panel Output 150 W
  • Dimensions 1182 x 990 mm
  • Post and LED Bulb
  • Materials Steel
  • Finish Powder Coated
  • Height 10 m
  • LED Wattage 77 W
  • Number of LEDs 1
  • Height from Ground 8m
  • Lumens 6930 LED DC Voltage 24 V

Vertical-axis wind turbines

Green Energy-Vertical axis wind turbineToday I was asked what is a ‘vertical-axis wind turbines‘. Good question if you think about it because without a picture it is hard to explain. It is a wind mill that points up but captures wind from the side, right? (that made me grin) See the picture here… kinda like that, but what is a vertical-axis wind turbine? A vertical-axis wind turbine is a type of wind turbine where the main rotor shaft is set vertically. Among the advantages of this arrangement are that generators and gearboxes can be placed close to the ground, and that VAWTs do not need to be pointed into the wind. Thus they are omni-directional or do not have to be pointed when the wind changes directions. This is really great for areas where the wind shifts directions often or is generally erradic in nature. The vertical-axis wind turbine seems to thrive in this type of environment.
Want to know more about vertical-axis wind turbines and the green energy they produce?

Urban Green Energys Latest Product-The 1st Step Anemometer and Weather Station

Urban Green Energy- Buy Now
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New York, NY- Urban Green Energy, the New York-based manufacturer of small vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar street lamps, today added the urban green energy 1st Step anemometer and weather station to its product portfolio. The UGE 1st Step is designed to facilitate a transition to wind energy for home owners and consumers by providing an easy-to-install device that gauges wind speed at any location. A wireless hand-held display easily transfers recorded data via USB to PC, where data can be stored and graphed.

urban green energy weather stationAvailable online through and, the urban green energy 1st Step anemometer and weather station lets consumers easily detect wind speeds by providing an accurate assessment of wind resource. Users can record day-to-day wind readings, which are especially important for helping customers choose the optimal installation site for a wind turbine. To promote a future of clean energy, Urban Green Energy is offering a full rebate to customers who purchase the urban green energy 1st Step anemometer and weather station if they choose to buy a urban green energy vertical axis wind turbine.

The Urban green energy 1st Step comes with a wireless LED display, which can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a desktop, to view real-time weather measurements. In addition to wind speed and wind direction, the urban green energy 1st Step measures barometric pressure, interior and exterior temperature, humidity, rainfall, date and time. A calendar feature is also included, allowing the user to set a specific day, date, and time for the display to log data over periods of time, providing an option to view maximum and minimum measurements over the course of user-specified time periods. Users can also set an alarm for a specific weather condition, such as when the temperature falls below freezing.

Urban green energy-1st step weather stationFor more information on the UGE 1st Step, please visit For press inquiries, please contact Ann Amarga atann(dot)amarga(at)urbangreenenergy(dot)com or +1 (917) 675-3949.

About Urban Green Energy

Urban Green Energy is a global leader in small wind energy and renewable energy systems. With over 100 quality distributors and installations in nearly 50 countries, Urban green energy designs, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge vertical axis wind turbines as well as hybrid wind/solar streetlamps with a track record of high performance, safety, and reliability. Urban green energy-trained representatives can answer questions, supply our products, and provide post-sales support locally, no matter where our customers are located.